I Think that I Shall Never See …

… a poem lovely as a tree.

Still here—the trees the arborist trimmed but did not remove last year. The decision to keep them all gave me a lot of peace. And this sunlight on bare branches is my reward.


Brown Leaves

We’ve had no fall here. It was in the 90s up until the day it wasn’t. There’s been very little “fall color”; nothing is normal. Normal being 1) leaves change color, 2) leaves fall off but are still hydrated, 3) leaves dry and curl up on the ground, 4) leaves turn brown. There are many trees on our dog walk that have leaves that dried, curled, and turned brown—without ever changing to a fall color and which are just now falling off the tree. It’s sad. These trees in our front yard—normally a brilliant red—have some color but are mostly brown.

Planning for a Long Life

We had an arborist come out a week ago. There are several large trees in the yard and in the twelve years we’ve lived here, we haven’t paid much attention to them. Perhaps they needed some routine maintenance, right? Six big ones in the backyard, three in the front.

Yes, the house is back there.

After a look around and some discussion, the tree expert suggested cutting down four of our big trees—which took my breath away.

“How long do you plan to live in this house?” he said.

“Until we die,” I said. Being flippant.

“Oh! Then cut ’em down!” he said. Presumably so they don’t fall on us in our sleep, and make that comment literal.

For days I thought, I just can’t do this. The trees have the usual wear and tear but aren’t diseased. Then I thought if we cut them, that’s me saying I plan to live a good bit more, yeah? Because I’m the queen of overthinking.

Well … I’m still not convinced. 🙂 And I still have to sit on this a little longer.

Update: We kept them all and just trimmed them. See the workman?