Last Thoughts From a Big Trip

We planned this trip for a long time. Some things we did right. Some things we got good advice. Some things didn’t go as well as they could have due to miscalculation. Here is a round-up of last thoughts:

✱ Clothing MVP
First place: Zensah-brand compression ankle socks (with no toes, so they’re half-socks, really). These really made a difference with my swelling feet.

Second place: a soft black (quilted) zippered vest with pockets. I wore it with everything. Just warm enough (most of the time). Great for driving.

And of course, go nowhere without a beautiful Irish scarf!

✱ The GPS
It’s a marvelous thing, but it’s helpful to have a map in the car in spite of it. Our GPS always chose the most direct path, and in Ireland, that sometimes meant a dirt sheep path, no joke. Like, with grass growing down the middle. This is not a helpful route, when you could have gone five minutes in another direction and been on a well-traveled, safe highway.

And don’t count on your phone. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, your phone may not have a clue. Pick up a paper map from a local bookstore. You can thank me later.

✱ Laugh!
Sometimes you only realize or see things from a remove of time/place. 🙂 “From Dublin, Tennessee”!