A Personal Manifesto?

Ah, I love this guy James Altucher. I’ve followed his blog for a few years and while I don’t generally get in to the whole business / finance / hedge fund / entrepreneurship thing—maybe I should, though, since editing isn’t exactly a moneymaker—there’s just something special about James. He’s the real deal.

So James says* you need a personal manifesto. And his is a good manifesto. You should read it. I did. So far today, reading down James’s list, I’ve …

  • been out of my comfort zone
  • laughed
  • listened
  • kept my word (more like follow-through—but still)
  • read (always)
  • and I have been very, very grateful.

Not such a bad start. I think I would add, of course, build as much travel—even if it’s just back and forth to Nashville for a special event—as you can into every year of your life. Because, I’ve noted above, I believe travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. And for the times in between? Get a pet. You’ll live longer.

Still life with Spot.

Still life with Spot.