An Introduction To a Wonderful Blog: Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods

My dear friend Margaret introduced me to this blog years ago, written by a Norwegian woman who lives near Trondheim.

Yes, there it is: Trondheim, Norway.

If you’re a map junkie like, me, you’re saying Ooooooh, about now. Because Norway is a long way away from me, and certainly farther than I ever expect to be from here. (But then County Donegal was farther away form home than I ever expected to be once too.) What I mean is … international travel is a wonderful way to open one’s eyes to the world as it is. And it does change one. This change—the moving from being a person who only knows “home” to a person who knows what it feels like to be surrounded by people who probably do not speak English—is hard to describe in words.

But. It. Exists.

We are different. But the same.

If you cannot travel, though, right now, a blog like Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods is a good way to see that difference/sameness dichotomy.

I don’t follow the blog closely enough (time—it’s always about time, isn’t it?) to know everything there is to know about it or Britt-Arnhild. I can tell you she enjoys taking photos (lucky us!), gardening, art and culture, and travel. Also lucky for us, she does it all in English.

A lot of it is about Norway. Here is a series about a trip made to Lofoten, which is typical of how she drills down in a casual way. As she says in one of the posts, “We have no set plans, 
just driving around. Stopping for photos here,
 for coffee there … Enjoying our days and each other.”

1 Up North
2 The Midnight Sun
3 Lunch Time
4 Stockfish
5 Lofoten for Artists
6 The Big Day

There are thirteen years’ worth of posts here, so pace yourself. : )
• • •

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