No April Fool

I’ve written about this topic once already, but since there’s been some more terrorist activity—this time in Brussels—and since I have two sets of friends traveling in Europe right now, I thought this article from the New York Times was, well, timely:

When Corey Patterson heard about the terrorist attacks in Brussels last week, he had a clear-cut response to people who asked if he was going to cancel a coming trip to Belgium.

“That’s exactly what the terrorists want, so absolutely not,” Mr. Patterson, 45, said on Twitter.

He’s in the Netherlands now, visiting a former roommate and his family, and will head to Belgium in a few days.

“Anything can happen anywhere at any time,” Mr. Patterson, a Texas resident, said through messages on Twitter. “You can’t stop living life, and this world is worth seeing, so I chose to do it.”

Oh, friends, this is how we feel too. I could get hit by a bus before I make it to Spain—so if the opportunity arises, I’m going. (Unless the State Department specifically advises against it.) In the meantime, we’ll “take care,” as this article advises:

  • Log travel plans with the State Department.
  • Know how to contact the American Embassy.
  • Find out how to contact local authorities in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure your phone will work where you’re going.
  • Be vigilant in public places and on mass transit.
  • Give a copy of your itinerary to family members or friends.
  • Understand the differences among travel insurance policies.

Is Europe Safe for Travelers?” the article asks. Yes, it concludes. Read it for a lot more detail.


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