Nashville Noshing

The thing about restaurants, of course, is they come and go. They start hot and then fade away. The places I loved when I worked in Nashville live in my memory, but many of them are, sadly, gone gone gone. (You’ll see one recommendation from me below, however.) So I don’t rely on the Internet so much.

No, I ask my food-appreciating* friends. 🙂 Here are some comments I solicited earlier today, unedited:

• “Husk is the best brunch and lunch spot in Nashville. Parking is also easy.” Jamie’s note: Husk is THE hot restaurant in Nashville right now, from what I understand.

• “Monell’s is really fun if you want to try down-home family style. Jamie’s note: Monell’s is a Nashville tradition. You should go.

• “Woodlands for lunch. Stellar vegetarian Indian buffet … regular menu for dinner/evenings is also excellent but I love being able to try a little bit of everything!”

• “Thai Phooket is delicious too! It’s located right next to the football stadium.”

• “Tin Angel is solid and under-appreciated and not as crowded as some of the newer, hipper stuff.” Jamie’s note: When I worked on West End Ave in the ’90s, I ate at the Tin Angel probably once a month. I’m delighted to see it still exists.

• “Lockeland Table, Margot, Kalamata’s.” Jamie’s note: Love Kalamata’s!

• “My family loves the Pharmacy.”

• “Rolf & Daughters is my favorite of the new, hipper stuff I’ve tried.”

• “If they’re downtown and are into Mexican food, tell them to try Bakersfield (in the bottom of the Encore condo building) … their guacamole is, like, ridiculous.” Jamie’s note: Interesting name for this one, eh, California friends?

Mas Tacos is quite delicious, but definitely expect a line. Their pozole … OMG.”

• “Miel Restaurant.”

• “I always liked to take people from out of town to Family Wash. It has a distinctly Nashville feel, good food, and interesting music booking, so you can eat dinner and then see a show (usually no cover charge, they just pass a hat, which is also kind of charming). They moved recently to a bigger building in a less crime-prone part of East Nashville. The shepherd’s pie is out of this world.” Jamie’s note: Right she is about the shepherd’s pie. Great ambience here too.

• “Rolf and Daughters, Butcher and Bee, Adele’s.” Jamie’s note: These 3 are farm-to-fork concept, as is Husk.

• “Tavern, Butchertown Hall, and Tin Angel.” Jamie’s note: I ate at Butchertown Hall recently, and it is spectacular.

One Last Thought From Jamie

One of the best meals I’ve ever had anywhere was at the Mad Platter in Germantown (a Nashville neighborhood) in the mid ’90s. I’d been tasked with locating “something nice” for a year-end celebration for my very small department. I knew nothing about fine dining, so I quietly canvassed some friends who did, came up with the Mad Platter, and made the reservations. Once I made this announcement, my boss (whom I loved and respected and still do) began to second-guess me. He’d never heard of it. And yada yada ad nauseam. I was stressed to the max over this silly holiday dinner. As soon as I arrived, though—before I’d tasted the first bite of anything—I knew I’d made the right choice. It’s charming, in an old grocery store building. I think we sat at that table, unrushed, drinking and eating, for four hours. Maybe five. If you have an opportunity to go, I highly recommend it.


OK, A Couple Links Too

      • I like this one because they update it. Trip Advisor, Yelp, and the like can get woefully out of date. And they have a map.
      • I love Southern Living, and I trust them to get it right. Also, I’ve been to most of these places.
      • I’m digging Nashville Guru; they definitely seem up to date.

I think you’re fixed for Nashville dining now. 🙂

* I don’t want to call them foodies, because they’re not snobs, and that word has such a crappy connotation since it was taken over by hipsters.


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