Nashville Nightlife

As you might imagine, “nightlife”—with everything that word conjures up—is not high on my to-do list. My idea of nightlife these days is a soak in the hot tub before bed. 🙂

But! I have several friends coming in from out of town for a specific event, and they’re going to spend a few days here too. One of them likes to dance—and she specifically mentioned rock music, as opposed to country. She said, “Any boomer hangouts with cover bands? Or even soul music? Or even 80’s new wave/alternative?”

Well, I’m sure there are … I’m just not cool enough to know about them. So I ran this request past my friends. As one does.

• “The 5 Spot in East Nashville has a legendary soul dance party on Monday nights.” Jamie notes: East Nashville is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Nashville.

• “The 5 Spot has a great rock-n-roll happy hour set from 6-8 on Fridays.”

• “The Flipside! I have my sources.” Jamie notes: 12 South is another very cool Nashville neighborhood.

• “12th & Porter: No-cover dance parties on Saturday nights, starts around 11:30, don’t get there any earlier.” Jamie notes: Gosh, it’s been years since I was at 12th & Porter!

• “Acme Feed and Seed on Thursday night is ‘funkytonk’ and it’s amazing!”

• “We follow Rubiks Groove wherever they go for a great ’80s party sound!”

I’ll add, of course, that you should bookmark the Nashville Scene’s calendar, and keep your eye on the events.


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