Where Are YOU Going in 2016?

A friend of mine is getting ready to send her recently-graduated-from-high-school daughter off to travel in Europe for some months. “She’s worked for months and months, and researched just as long,” my friend wrote, asking if we might have a contact or two in Europe. (And we do.)

Who knows where she’s going! There are so many possibilities. 🙂 The New York Times, in a followup to its recap of the most-read travel articles of 2015 has 52 suggestions (out of the zillion or so options available). “It’s a big world out there,” the headline reads, “so we’ve narrowed it down for you.”

First on the list is Mexico City.

From there, Bordeaux, France.

Number fifty-two is Beaufort, South Carolina.

You should scroll through the article just to see the fantastic photos (some of them move, so look closely). And notice that is one destination for every week. (A gal can dream!) So you’ll need to get started right away.

My friend’s daughter is leaving very soon. “I traveled around Europe alone when I was young, so I have fully supported this plan,” my friend says, “but as the time draws near I realize there’s a world of difference between going out alone and watching a precious and beloved child set forth.” Nonetheless, said child will go. I’m excited for her. Bon voyage!


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