An Early Christmas Present from Uncle Sam

It’s been an interesting season, this one, starting with Gerry’s arrival in the US on an emigrant’s visa toward the end of October.

Usually he arrives and we have a whole list of things that need to get done (by him) and we have to rush rush rush to do them. He even said a few days after his arrival, “I almost said to you, ‘I need to do X, Y, and Z before I go back.’” We had a good laugh about that.

But it’s been busy, what with Thanksgiving and Christmas, and emigration issues weren’t formost on our minds. Then they were: when the mail arrived on Christmas Eve, Gerry had an early Christmas present—his green card!

Wow! There it is!

Wow! There it is!

The culmination of a year’s worth of fret and worry, in one little first-class envelope.

It’s not over yet. This card is good for two years, and then he’ll have to file for a permanent one. But this’ll do for now. 🙂

• • •

If you want to read about our immigration story, here are eight posts: Immigration Woes (Part 1); Our Attorney Laughed at Us; Getting Back to Normal; Immigration Woes (Part 2); Like the La Brea Tar Pit; Slogging to Dublin; It’s a Great Day for a Celebration; and A Long Day at the Airport.



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