Getting Cranky in Galway

12 October 2015, Monday
We’d slid into a routine of rising early, going to breakfast, then coming back to the room to chill for a bit before heading out. During the chill phase, I’d hit the interwebs and research a little about what we might do.

This was a change from all my previous trips, which I’d always researched in great detail before I ever left the house. But … this had been a difficult year, in terms of time and planning (and other things). I’d had a lot of work. And when I wasn’t working, I had things that I had to prioritize way above travel plans. It’s not like me, but … I left Tennessee only knowing where we’d sleep each night. The rest I pulled together each morning.

I was interested in Galway, I was. We’d been here twelve years ago but hadn’t spent any quality time in the city. Since then, my nieces had raved about it, I’d read more, and my curiosity was piqued. Lonely Planet calls it “arty, bohemian,” which is right up my alley. It has an interesting history, too; it’s a medieval-era town. But now I think what makes people love it is it has a great nightlife—food, drink, theater, music. The operative term, there, is NIGHTlife. And Gerry and I aren’t so much for that these days. (And we’d already done plenty of shopping.)

Anyway I poked around online and decided I wanted to see the Galway City Museum. And the Spanish Arch. So we drove into town. Found a parking lot near the area, and we got out and started walking toward the river.

I’ve posted the map so you can see that there was probably lots more to see, had we had a map and known where we were. But here’s what happened. The parking lot was on St. Augustine Street, which may be the single most boring street in Galway. I don’t think we passed a single shop. When we got to the museum, it was closed (Monday!). And the Spanish Arch had had a chain-link fence around it (presumably for repairs).

At that point, I was like a balloon with a slow leak. I’d paid for an international plan for my smartphone, but it never did work right. (It never did work, full stop. Even after long distance phone calls to Verizon.) A map would have been helpful. We weren’t that far from other items of interest, but we didn’t know—and my little balloon of enthusiasm was rapidly deflating. I didn’t take a single photograph.

We came back to the hotel and I worked, stewing. Later we watched the movie A Little Chaos, which we both enjoyed, but that was the best thing about the day.

I make no excuses for my bad attitude. Maybe some other time, Galway.


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