Going Down the Country

I’m starting to think about Ireland … again … because in less than two months I’ll be there again. You see, we’re throwing a Dublin dinner party to celebrate our marriage … and Gerry’s retirement … and his emigration to the United States.

Think about that. Whew.

The party’s at a beautiful hotel in Portmarnock, a village north of Dublin. It’s right on the beach, and can feel like it’s a world away from the big city. But in point of fact, it’s still in County Dublin, and that country village “feel” is only an illusion. Portmarnock is close enough to Dublin that my nieces take their grandmother to the hotel for afternoon tea.

It’s a beautiful site. You’ll love it.

Still, it’s definitely going to be a “country” trip this time: we’re going to take a little honeymoon after the party. I’ve written a lot about Dublin recently, but I wanted to see something different. So we’re going down the country, as they say in Ireland. To the wild, wild west.

To start, County Donegal. We’ll visit the Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal Town, and also Galway City. If you’ve been paying attention to my travel philosophy, this is my preference: pick a region and see it thoroughly, rather than driving all over the place.

We’ll head back to Dublin to take care of some business, and then … we’ll come home. Maybe we’ll come home together. Right now it’s too soon to say.


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