Forward Planning for the Renaissance

Gerry has been sending me little items he comes across for months now, because—yes!—I have another trip planned. Flights are booked! Hotels are booked!

And one thing you’ve got to do on a trip is eat. The experience can be a little catch-as-catch-can when you’re in a place you don’t know well, but I’ve been eating in Ireland for years. Kids, the food is good. I’ve been talking about the Irish restaurant renaissance for some time now. Patrick Comerford’s been talking about it ’way longer than that; I always check to see what he’s got to say about restaurants.)

But I was delighted to see the New York Times has finally caught on, saying visitors to Dublin will find a “restaurant renaissance.” I loved watching this video, seeing places I’ve been to, hearing accents that are so familiar to me. And while Gerry felt vindicated when one of those interviewed said, “No great conversation ever started over a salad,” I just laughed. 🙂

There are three restaurants featured:

Brother Hubbard Café 
Forest Avenue Restaurant
The Green Hen

I’m working on a post with mini reviews of all the places I like here at home—chain restaurants (national and regional) as well as locally owned, though I usually prefer the latter. One of the interviewed restauranteurs in this piece mentions his small café is “an antidote to the big chains,” and that’s exactly the sort of place I’m interested in. Local. It’s as good a recommendation as you’ll get when you’re traveling.

The video doesn’t stop there. There are three venues* featuring drink too:

Guinness Storehouse
Fallon & Byrne Specialty Food Shop
Against the Grain Craft Brewhouse

I have so far resisted seeing the Guinness Storehouse but will admit to a longing to see Dublin from up high—the Gravity Bar on the seventh floor. (The only other rooftop venue in Dublin that I am aware of is at the Marker Hotel in the Docklands area.)

I’m starting to get that pre-trip anticipatory excitement: my trip—to attend a niece’s wedding—is just two and a half months away. I’ve listed these places on my itinerary-in-progress as places we might try. If you’re planning to be in Dublin soon—and I think some of you are—watch the video, follow the links, and see if you get your anticipation buzz on too! 🙂

NOTE: I’ve written a little bit about eating and drinking in Ireland already. Click here.

*And sandwiched between them, features on the National Museum of Ireland and Christ Church Cathedral.



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