Rick Steves’s 2015 Travel Commandments

Are you planning a trip this year? I hope so!

One thing I’ve learned in recent years is travel tips change. What was a good idea a decade ago isn’t necessarily a good idea now. Technology changes, changes at the airlines, changes in the way people relate to each other can and do make a difference.

So I was delighted when I found this article from Rick Steves, and thought I should pass it along. He says:

  1. Study ahead to design a smart itinerary
  2. Don’t fly round-trip
  3. Think ahead to avoid lines
  4. Be smart with shoes
  5. Know your camera
  6. Pack light
  7. Leave well-rested to start your trip healthy
  8. Get a credit card with a chip
  9. Use a mobile phone
  10. Don’t follow the crowds
  11. Eat with locals rather than tourists
  12. Be a cultural chameleon
  13. Be an extrovert
  14. Have a positive attitude
  15. Use a good guidebook

A lot of these tips are things I’ve been saying for years—like having a positive attitude (#14) and embracing local culture (#12). But I am guilty, guilty, guilty of the “chaotic frenzy” the night before a flight (#7) and am taking to heart the advice to have everything ready to go 48 hours in advance. (I’ll let you know how that goes.)

Read the article—it’s not long—and start rethinking your travel prep too!


5 thoughts on “Rick Steves’s 2015 Travel Commandments

    • Some of these seem self-evident but it helps to see them gathered together by someone who definitely knows what he’s talking about. I’m planning 2 trips, too: 2 weeks in June, 3+ weeks in October. Let the planning commence! 🙂

    • Are you planning to go hiking? If no, then no. Will you have plenty of luggage room? If yes, then a no to the previous question doesn’t matter. Take them if it will make you feel better but be mindful of their weight and mass. 🙂

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