The Winter Blahs?

Winter in the South. Brrrrr.

Winter in the South. Brrrrr.

This article from my friend, author Amy Parker, made me laugh out loud! Who doesn’t have the winter blahs in mid-January?

I was born in March, when everything is bright and colorful and new, so dark and dreary and dead just go against my instincts. In the past, winter has often turned me into quite the bear—grumpy and lethargic, wishing for spring. But lately, I’ve learned a few tricks to make it through. Maybe they’ll help you too.

Me, I’m grateful for the respite from yardwork that winter brings, but I will confess that, like Amy, I don’t like a bulky winter coat or any kind of hat (“the hair! the hair!”) and almost always “run out of the house” without them …

Hubby, the outdoorsman, is always telling me to “just dress warmly,” which may seem like common sense to everyone else. But I confess: I hate bulky coats and maiming mittens and hair-messing hats, and often I run out of the house without them.

… which is why I’ve invested in fleece and/or down vests: warmth without the bulk.

Amy has seven great ideas for getting through the winter blahs without turning into a bear:

1. Buy winter clothes you love.
2. Sit by the fire.
3. Grow something.
4. Citrus up!
5. Step into the light.
6. Keep hot drinks handy.
7. Read a book.

This list is just the start. The article is delightful and has lots of good tips and links, so have a look and turn any grizzlies you know into teddy bears.

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