A Little Setback

I have another blog. My “professional blog.” (I’m a book editor. That blog is called Read Play Edit. This one is, simply, for fun.) A few days ago I ran the following post:

A Temporary Change of Plans

Two days ago my computer died intestate. I did all the things the troubleshooting booklet said to do and still couldn’t raise the dead, so I texted I’M SCARED to the brilliant fixit consultant who has taken care of my computer issues for years.

He called me immediately.

I drove the corpse to him later that day and he spent several hours working on it. When he called me—“It’s bad news”—I cried. In Cracker Barrel, y’all. The waitress didn’t know what to do with me.

My consultant referred me to a data recovery expert, one of those places that put your hard drive in a sterile cleanroom and go over it, line by line, to see if anything can be saved. It’s expensive. I hope to be able to avail myself of this before the end of the year, but at the moment it’s not in progress, and I am … well, in the early stages of grief.

What this means for this blog:

  • I had several posts (about a month’s worth) written. They’re gone. So there was nothing ready to go, even for a Short Saturday post.
  • I had a few hundred pages of notes (ideas) for posts, and a list of items for Short Saturday posts, and they’re gone. I’m still in shock, and when I try to think about it, I just draw a blank.
  • I’ve lost some editorial work, too, so I need to play catch-up.
  • I’m going to drop back to one post per week (Mondays) for a while—perhaps until the new year—while I work on crafting the sort of posts I like to write. (You know I write for myself, don’t you? That you like them is a happy byproduct.)

It’s going to take some time—the kind of relaxed, creative time I don’t currently have—to replenish the well, kids. Fortunately, many of my friends—authors, editors, other publishing industry professionals—have volunteered to write guest posts. You’re going to love them. I am so very blessed.

Thank you for sticking around during the rebuilding process. I promise it will be worth the wait.

• • •

This, my fun blog, is similarly affected. I lost a lot of work (you know, the income-generating kind of work) that I’m currently trying to make up. But I lost a lot of research and posts I’d already written for this blog too. I’ve always tried to keep something fresh on the front page while I continued to post to the archives—I still mostly have all the archival material—but please bear with me. I’m still a bit under the technological weather. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Little Setback

  1. Sorry about your loss. I lost a computer a couple years back. It’s a horrible experience….just breathe, I have a feeling not all will be lost.

    • I’ve been through the five stages of grief at least ten times 🙂 so I think that’s the fifty stages of grief, ha. But mostly I’m OK now. A bit sad! But I have some good posts coming up soon.

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