Let’s Go to the Beach!

Are you taking a beach vacation this year?

Tybee Island, 2006

Tybee Island, 2006, from our condo (taken by Alli)

Here’s a tip: Southern Living—one of my favorite magazines ever—says “Skip the beach on Thursdays.”

Why? Because Saturday-to-Saturday vacationers tend to spend their last days (Thurday and Friday) relaxing on the beach before they hit the road home. If you’ve intended to do more than just lie on the beach—that is, if you’re in a place with lots of other activities (waterparks, shopping outlets, museums, more)—you should do those things on Thursdays because they’ll be less crowded, and the beach WILL be crowded. Also, stores tend to restock on Thursdays (while everyone’s at the beach and before the weekend), so you’ll have first pick!

Think about it!

Tybee Island, 2006 (taken by Alli)

Tybee Island, 2006 (taken by Alli)



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