50 Essential Travel Books

I’m a huge fan of travelogues (no, really, James?), and a pretty big fan of AbeBooks.com, where you can get just about any old book you want. Old being the operative term.

I’m also a fan of lists, so when AbeBooks sent me an email titled “50 Essential Travel Books,” I was all over it. Have a look at their list. Pretty intriguing! And I was startled to see I’d actually read three of them:

Roughing It (Mark Twain)
Travels with Charley (John Steinbeck)
Blue Highways (William Least Heat Moon)

Of course, I have other favorites not on this list …

Kon-Tiki (Thor Heyerdahl)
Notes from a Small Island (Bill Bryson)
Under the Tuscan Sun (Frances Mayes)
New Orleans, Mon Amour (Andrei Codrescu)

… just to name a few. And I have at least two travel books in my TBR pile downstairs, one of which is Colm Tóibín’s Homage to Barcelona (which I purchased, of course, from AbeBooks). I bet you’ve got a favorite—tell me what it is in the comments!

Daydream shelf …

Daydream shelf …

(And stay tuned: I’ve got a posts about trips to South Africa and the Philippines coming up soon!)



One thought on “50 Essential Travel Books

  1. I would re-read Rory Stewart’s “The Places In Between”, Saira Shah’s “The Storyteller’s Daughter”, Frances Mayes’ “A Year in the World”, and Basho’s 17th century haiku and travel journal “The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Among others! I love vicarious travel.

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