Thanksgiving Thoughts

“Like faith, gratitude for what we have right now requires constant practice. If we let go of the idea that happiness lies just ahead, as soon as we fulfill out wish list for a better home/job/relationship/haircut/rug, we can experience greater joy in ordinary life, no matter our circumstances. It hit me on my parents’ last holiday visit. I was getting dinner on, wanting to make a good impression, worried about timing all the cooking just right, mortified by the bare rug pad in the dining room, and feeling slightly annoyed that Mom wasn’t jumping up to help. As I looked across the room to check on them, a sudden wave of tenderness cut through the cloud of angst: There they were, lounging on the kitchen banquette, reading books, oblivious to my multitasking, relaxed as ever. I savored this moment of parent-child role reversal and gave thanks, as I will again this year, for having them here in good health, with so much food and love to go around the table.”

—M. Lindsay Bierman (editor), in Southern Living magazine, November 2013


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