Fall in Tennessee

My friend Gwen Watts works in downtown Nashville and has a great view of the state capitol building. Just look at this! I think it’s the prettiest fall photo I’ve seen this year.

Tennessee State Capitol, on a November afternoon. Photo © Gwen Watts.

Tennessee State Capitol, on a November afternoon. Photo © Gwen Watts.

The city has grown up and around this beautiful Greek Revival building (that’s the Sheraton Hotel behind it on the right side of the photo; to the left is the First Tennessee tower—and frankly, that’s about all I can say for sure), but thank goodness parkland was set aside to preserve the view.

That parkland is the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, to be exact, and you can see it in the foreground here. On the far right you see a few of the fifty columns that house a 95-bell carillon (read more here). Wikipedia says, “In 2006, the Nashville Business Journal ranked the Bicentennial Mall as the number one tourist attraction in Nashville. In 2011, the American Planning Association listed the park as one of the top ten public spaces in the United States.”

You can read more about the capitol building, too, but here’s a brief run-down:

• The cornerstone was laid on 4 July 1845; building was completed in 1859.

• It’s a National Historic Landmark, and the American Society of Civil Engineers has listed it as a civil engineering landmark due to its innovative construction.

• The architect who designed it, William Strickland, died before the building was complete; he is entombed in the northeast wall.

• It’s one of just ten state capitol buildings that does not have a dome. (The others are Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia.)

So there you have it! A little slice of Tennessee in mid-November. Gorgeous!

(Don’t forget you can click on the photo to zoom in.)


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