On a Chilly May Afternoon in Dublin

Discovered in Gerry’s mother’s cookbook while we were waiting for the kettle to boil …

Making a Good Cup of Tea
Be sure to heat the earthen pot
And have your water boiling hot.
Put in a teaspoon per cup
That each of you intend to sup.
Always allow to stand for minutes four
Then off the leaves be sure to pour.
When serving, put the milk in first,
Add sugar and allay your thirst.
With this delightful fragrant brew,
you’ll be refreshed and live anew.

R&A Main Ltd. sold stoves and cookers, and published recipe books to go with them. (Main amalgamated with Edmonton [London]-based Glover & Co by 1899, although the companies continued to produce stoves under their respective brands in Falkirk and Edmonton well into the 1960s, apparently.) The cookbook is called The Main Cookery Book; it was written and compiled by Marguerite K. Gompertz, M.C.A., and the staff of the Main Research Kitchen, and published in 1929. I wonder if Marguerite fancied herself a poet. 🙂


One thought on “On a Chilly May Afternoon in Dublin

  1. That’s exactly how I was taught to make a proper cup of tea, by an English woman I worked for years ago. Always a fine cuppa.

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