Forward Planning

I like a nice itinerary. I like setting it up, plugging in the immoveable items (like, say, a wedding: that date won’t change), and then moving things around on it ’til it all works. I like a bit of detail. I like having all the important confirmation numbers and departure times in one place for easy reference. I like my lists of things I want to see and do.

An itinerary doesn’t mean I’ve planned every minute of every day; it only means I know where I’ll be sleeping on any given night. Where I’m going to have breakfast (most important meal of the day, you know!). It includes a list of things I’d like to do, but there’s always more on the list than can be done, and I know that going in. A vacation becomes what it will be as it unfolds from day to day; a little structure, though, helps me maximize my time by focusing on the things I reasearched long ago, while giving me options for a Plan B if something has changed.

I’ve been working on my itinerary for months—ever since I bought the flights last fall. Things get added, things fall off (’til next time). Hotels get researched, then decided upon and booked in spare moments. The car gets reserved. I remember I want to look for this thing or that thing. Now I have a detailed, day-by-day plan. In addition to the list of potential things to do, I also have a list of books I’m interested in buying and a list of things to get at Tesco (a large grocery store chain), because there are certain foodstuffs I want to bring home. Like Sarah’s Wonderful Honey. (No kidding—that’s the name. And it is.)

I love my lists. 🙂 Go ahead, you can tease me all you want. I can take it.

I’ve been glancing over the itinerary just now … it’s looking like this is going to be a parks and churches trip. Soon I’ll tell you all about it.

3 thoughts on “Forward Planning

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