Story Bud? *

Slang is a marvelous thing. It is often beautiful, always fun; it’s intimate and immediate and the imagery can be astonishing. The Irish are really good at it.

So I can’t even begin to tell you how delighted I was to discover this short video a few weeks ago in the Facebook feed of one of my Irish friends. Called “Story Bud?” it’s the first in a planned series of short films by Jenny Keogh that celebrate Irish slang and colloquialisms; this one is all about Dublin slang, we’re told. Gerry is a Dubliner and over the years I’ve heard most of these, I’m astonished to report.

But you may not have. Unless you’re familiar with not only the accent but the slang phrases themselves, you may not be able to understand a word of this. Fortunately, Stan Carey over at Sentence first has got that covered: here’s a handy list of each phrase used. Number 15 explains the title:

15. Story bud? [Short for What’s the story, buddy? = What’s going on? / What’s the news?]

Be sure to click on over to see all seventy-seven of them; you’ll be impressed with the amount of work it took to transcribe it.

But wait! There’s more! Jenny recently released her second short with more slang. It’s called “How’s About Ye?”

And you’re in luck, because Stan Carey’s transcribed this one too.

He also brings up something else.

Jenny’s running a FundIt campaign to raise funds for a larger project—she intends to film up to thirty similar two-minute pieces for other cities, counties, and regions in Ireland, documenting the slang, sayings, and colloquialisms of each place. And you can help!

If you’ve never participated in a campaign like this, it’s easy: you make a pledge of funds. If the campaign reaches its goal, your credit card is charged for the amount you pledged. If it does not, well, that’s it; nothing happens.

You can read more about Story Bud? The Feature Film here. There’s all manner of levels of pledging, so I’m sure there’s one for you. You’ll see there’s ten days left in the campaign and it’s just a little more than 10 percent funded. This project needs you! Please consider chipping in.

* A version of this post ran on my work blog. But I figured you all would enjoy it too.


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