Wrapping Up: Margaret’s Last Comment

I really enjoyed having my friend Margaret with me on this trip. She is endlessly patient and I am the opposite of that, so we were a good fit. (At least from my point of view!) 🙂

Here are a few of her final thoughts about our trip:

• The VAT was more time-consuming/confusing than I had anticipated, but worth the time and effort to collect.

• You make an excellent point about the cost of duty-free shopping: it’s best to know the product and its pricing before indulging.

• Irish chocolate measures up to Swiss, Belgian, French, etc. and is more reasonably priced.

• Security was more time consuming and thorough than any other trip I have ever taken. Allow lots of extra time for it.

• Take your electronic adapters with you.

• Don’t count on doing laundry.

• And … don’t rush. Go at a comfortable pace; you won’t see or do everything anyway, so enjoy what you do.

Margaret wrote me a note recently: “Thank you for the anticipation and planning, the trip, the recollections of it—a wonderful experience of nearly a year.” That’s exactly how I feel: the planning, the anticipation, the doing, the recounting (and in my case, the blogging) … all these things are what get us through the daily grind until we get to the next trip, the next out-of-grind experience. 🙂

I’m so glad you’re my friend, Margaret!


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