Dreams Do Come True

2 January 2012 … a new year

I realized recently that a long-held dream of mine has come true.

I was always close to my father. Not just as a child, but as I grew to adulthood. He was great—so smart and reasonable, full of wisdom and kindness. When I was a young married woman, before I had my son, I so enjoyed this relationship with my dad that I made a conscious wish—a hope, a desire—that someday I would also have such a wonderful adult-to-adult relationship with a child or children of mine. (I was married eleven years before I had Jess.)

Flash-forward twenty-eight years. I’ve just spent a marvelous six days—Christmas!—with Jesse, in his current city, which is Phoenix, Arizona. We cooked together, shopped, went out with friends, went to church, watched TV … we just hung out. I had so much fun. I think Jess probably had less fun than me 🙂 but he was focused on making my visit a good time for me. The best part was some great discussions we had: politics, the Civil War, the economy, blogging, social media, career-building, ecology, making a better world. I’m so proud that I have a son who likes to learn new things, is paying attention to the world around him, and who thinks about everything.

On the plane home, I realized this: that dream I had more than thirty years ago has come true. I’m so, so blessed.

I’ve been holding on to this thought for several days, wanting to say it but not wanting it to be just a passing comment on Facebook, seen today and then forgotten. It’s special and needs its own place. 🙂

A long, long time ago …

A long, long time ago …

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