The Craic

And oh yes, I see I’ve mentioned craic without reminding you of its definition.

Craic (refresher course definition): Pronounced, simply, CRACK, craic is Irish slang that has no exact English translation—and as many definitions as there are pubs in Ireland. Having a laugh in a social context is one. A good time; conversation, chat; high-spirited entertainment; merriment (my personal favorite).

“How was the craic?” one might be asked the morning after. “Deadly,” might come the answer. I did stumble on this definition just now, and thought I’d share: craic is the combination of the music, the drink, the conversations, the spirit of the surroundings, and trying to make headway with people of the opposite sex. Make sense?

For more definitions, you might have a look (be patient; it takes some time to load) at this Web site devoted to Dublin slang. A warning: it’s not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. It makes me laugh.


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